Engaging Democracy w/ Eric O’Keefe #1


NY-23 and the Third Party Temptation.

Engaging Democracy provides context by relating stories from our country’s history to the events we see and hear in today’s news. In this series, Sam Adams chairman and political historian Eric O’Keefe applies his passion and knowledge of American political history to the modern political landscape.

In this first episode: When Doug Hoffman, a Conservative Party candidate in New York’s 23rd congressional district, forced the big-spending Republican candidate to withdraw from the race, many voters thought this was the moment when a third-party candidate could finally go to Washington as a true representative of the people in his district, and not of a party apparatus.

Hoffman’s candidacy, which received a wealth of national grassroots support and media attention, is just one example of how relatively successful third-party candidates have caused a section of the disgruntled electorate to raise their energy and their hope to ask the question: Can a third-party survive in this two-party country?

In his first podcast in a series titled “Engaging Democracy,” Eric O’Keefe, chairman of the Sam Adams Alliance and a former executive director of the Libertarian Party, discusses why third parties may not be the avenue that leads to fielding principled candidates and taking power from the two major parties.

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