Malcolm & Melissa #3


Andrew and Melissa discuss Vice President Biden’s co-opting the Iraq war win–a war neither he nor the President believed should be waged. They also talked snow, global warming and editorial decisions. Why was the deathly luge clip played over and over? Finally, will Rahm Emmanuel be a Speaker of the House? Predictions ensue….

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  • Giras Panama

    Bookmarked your web site. Thank you for sharing. Definitely worth the time away from my classwork.

  • Anonymous

    So many people with an opinion on the Tea Party – yet so little knowledge about what they actually represent or its political origins. If they are extremist then they represent a large part of America. They are Americans who don’t like how our government is throwing away our tax dollars and spending money we don’t have in this country. They started a grass roots movement to get a message to their government representatives. Don’t waste our tax dollars! How UnAmerican is that?

  • Felton Freilino

    Barack Obama together with all his Washington mafia need to be embarrassed with themselves. This is certainly an absolute outrage. I seemed to be under the idea that any time the president takes office he is required to declare an oath that will support in addition to protect the constitution of the usa. Nowhere in the Constitution did it provide the federal government the right to enact as well as implement legislation such as the health reform bill. There’s no doubt that that these power mongers will be in for a total shock around November. Great job regarding demise of your political careers.

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