Rev. Canon Julian Dobbs: Creeping Sharia; Fractured Church


Steve Schippert and I interviewed Rev. Dobbs concerning how Sharia law is creeping into the United States in the same manner that it has in Europe – and how it needs to be addressed and stopped. We also discussed the fracturing of the Church – a topic near to his history. Very interesting discussion.

See his blog at Church & Islam.

Some background reading:

The beheading of a New York woman last year served as a wake-up call when it comes to the modern day implications of Sharia law (Islamic law).  As of Friday, lawyers for the Muslim man accused of killing his wife are now saying it’s absurd to think religion had anything to do with the crime and are preparing a psychiatric defense. Link.

In a new CNS News column, Rev’d Canon Julian Dobbs of CANA’s Church and Islam Projectsays that too many people are willing to ignore the implications of Sharia law and believe that Islam is a religion of peace. Link.

Rev’d Dobbs has witnessed first-hand the horrors of Sharia law and Islam’s unequal treatment of women in his work to support persecuted Christians across the globe and he cites several modern day examples, including the true story behind the film The Stoning of Soraya M.

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