LP Exclusive: Reps. Garrett, Goodlatte, & Fleming


I had the privilege of conducting three back-to-back interviews with these Congressmen. The opening topic in each was America Speaking Out. I then spent time with each Rep on legislation they sponsored or co-sponsored.

Rep. Scott Garrett goes first. He represents NJ-5. In addition to AOS, we discussed his LEARN legislation which is designed to return control of education to the state and local governments from WDC. I suggested that community colleges be added to the mix.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte represents VA-6. Strong conservative with his support of budget reform, home-grown energy use of oil and gas, and full disclosure to girls and women getting abortions. I left on the cutting-room floor a pre-interview comment where he shared that he’s familiar with the Liberty Pundit family of sites. Good man.

Rep. John Fleming has LA-4. I got a quick lesson in southern pronunciation – always a good thing for a coal-mining Yankee. Rep. Fleming brings us to date on some BP clean-up issues that the Obama Administration needs to stop talking about and start doing.

A great set of interviews. Hope you enjoy them.

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