Exclusive Interview: Rep. Tom Price (R-GA6)


I just concluded an interview with Rep. Price.  He represents Georgia’s 6th District, which is due north and bordering Atlanta.  Rep. Price joined the House in the 109th Congress after 20 years in private practice as a physician.

We discussed his “Empowering Patients First Act,” proposed as an alternative to ObamaCare during the early days.  The Act addresses many of the concerns shared in this country about health care, but from our – a patient’s – perspective.  It also included a limit on Med-Mal cases, which drive hundreds of billions of dollars every year in defensive-medicine costs.

He shred that the prospects for defunding the 159 boards and commissions in Obamacare are good.   He also feels that the individual mandate will be found  ultimately to be unconstitutional.

We discussed the role of the feds in education.  Rep. Price feels that the feds have too large a footprint in this uniquely local matter.  Dismantling the US Department of Education in on the table, but is a process that needs to be accomplished properly.

He likened our debt situation to Greece – their debt was 114% of their GDP before they collapsed.  We’re at 90% and climbing rapidly.

We touched on a few more topics.  Runs about 24 minutes.  Enjoy.

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