Patriot Room Radio #74 – They called Reagan an extremist, too


Bill and Clyde hit the Oval Office speech and Obama’s transparent manipulation of the crisis, how Reagan was viewed as an extremist, the latest election issues, and more. Enjoy.

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  • hollylamb

    I have to say this: Katrina vs Oil spill. New Orleans KNEW a hurricane was headed its way. Those people knew, the mayor knew even if you were deaf, mute or blind it was so well advertised you had to know that a gianormous hurricane is headed your way. You live at sea level with levees that were old and failing. Not rocket science, GET THE HELL OUT OF NEW ORLEANS until it passes. For me, blaming Bush was stupid, the people to blame are the people themselves, then next the mayor.

    The oil spill fell under the government's jurisdiction and there are many ways to control an oil spill and Obama was too dense and too busy playing games to take control of the situation. NO Katrina and Oil Spill are not even in the same ball park. Just no one has the huevos to say Katrina was not the government's fault, for fear of being called a racist.

    End rant

  • hollylamb

    Blowing monkeys OMG I thought I was going to fall out of my chair laughing.
    OMG she is going to chub out in a few years LMAO. Clyde your lack of political correctness is very becoming!!

  • Jeffrey Dunn

    you tools are hilarious!! And Clyde is mot being fair….Bill is not a dick…he is a large penis.

  • Jeffrey Dunn

    OK I can spell….”not”

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