Malcolm & Melissa #44: Grumpy

Presidential politics and whether to be peeved. Malcolm and Melissa have a grumpy podcast discussing the irritating news of the day.

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  • Anonymous

    6:40 into this, and it’s as much as I can stand.  Malcolm, I follow you all the time – think your clever, witty and wise (attuned to my thinking).  Melissa, I’ve followed and UNfollowed you a couple of times ’cause you’re just too far over the ‘conservative edge for me —

    But that said, if I listen to folks over the air waves (or whatever this is), I want them to sound smarter than I . . . I don’t want them to sound like the standard ‘gripers’ table” at the coffee shop in the morning.  I know that “grumpy” is the theme of the day, but I hear nothing but ‘grumpy’ all the time . . . I want hope – answers – encouragement – education.  But hey, it’s only 2 hours ’til Rush starts.

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