Malcolm & Melissa #54: Will Malcolm & Melissa split during this acrimonious primary?

Wargaming the GOP primary candidates. The ever-present electability question. Will these debates break up Malcolm and Melissa? Listen and find out.

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  • The Prince of Heft

    The big mid eastern airlines are surely heavily subsidized by the oil barrens and do not make enough money all on their own. I heard Emirates has British CEO, and is pretty well run, however, Qatar is pretty oppressive to the flight attendants and they can be fired on the slightest whim from the big boss. Make up, and hair has to be flawless, among other things. There is also the pressure to “hang out” with the boss if he fancy’s you:( Many of the ladies that work on these flights are from asia and africa, and they don’t want to get fired and be sent home so they feel trapped in a tuff position. anyhoo, all of the over the top services, in my opinion, are just there just to make it over the top, and not because they found a perfect business model for it.

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