Right Doctor #143: Michelle Malkin Gets Twitchy

Michelle Malkin gets Twitchy with Melissa today and explains her new website and mobile App. How does it work? What are her goals? They also talk about Santorum, the old blogosphere, and about Andrew Breitbart”s impact. And then, they casino online et tilbyr over 450 spill du kan velge fra og dette garanterer nesten at alle spillere finner et spill de liker a spille. cry. Listen to the whole thing!

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  • sybilll

    Either I am in a mushy mood, or this was handily one of the best podcasts I have heard in a long time. 

  • http://twitter.com/PJRodman Paula J Rodman

    This was great Melissa. As an old newbie (is that an oxymoron?) to twitter and blogging, I love hearing the stories of how the sites and bloggers I love got a start.  I have quite a bit of family in the dinosaur media as you called it, and they are mostly somewhere in between a whiny tirade and totally apoplectic fit over the impact conservatism is having on the internet. Unfortunately, I don’t think they get that their lock step shilling for liberalism is what is making thinking people find them irrelevant as journalists. (One of my BIL’s is a journalism prof at USC and one is retired city editor of AJC and now freelances and does work at Emory) Newspapers are dying because we’re all too dumb in flyover land to understand and appreciate their incredible brilliance-basically that’s it- with lots of boo hoo lamenting the good ole days.  What ideology do ya think they bring to the students in these house of higher learning-nothing else allowed I’m sure.

     Last night my 26 yr. old son’s girlfriend-who loved Righteous Indignation after I suggested “strongly” that she read it- said she didn’t know that he had died. It was not mentioned on main stream media much.  She also had no idea what my facebook postings were about; I put up the ShePac video and lots of the rally for Rush stuff…in frustration to the liberal responses of moral outrage I wrote….
    copies of “Our Bodies Ourselves” were accidentally burned at Mt.
    Holyoke. Obama apologized to all women, but riots feared. #waronwomen  I stole it from Greg Pollowitz (only one of my sisters is still speaking)

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